The Ultimate Stretching Strap

Gain flexibility and skyrocket your fitness. A favorite amongst physical therapists

What Makes Our Stretching Strap Unique

  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – We build our straps with premium materials that are comfortable and soft against bare skin. We don’t use nylon like the competition which is thin, sharp, and stiff.
  • LONG LASTING – We use a durable yet soft material with reinforced stitching that is machine washable
  • 12 NUMBERED LOOPS – Our shoe sized numbered loops are great for keeping tabs on your progress.
  • USER GUIDE –We’ve included a user guide featuring 33 unique stretches to try! Each stretch is carefully demonstrated, allowing you to easily execute them.
  • DOUBLES AS A YOGA MAT STRAP – A convenient way to secure your Yoga mat to get you from home to the gym.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We stand by all of our FlexFixx products and are confident that this is the best stretching strap on the market.  We offer a no-hassle money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Designed For Every Athlete

  • WITH SO MANY USES – This band is a favorite amongst a variety of users and athletes
  • GREAT FOR RUNNERS – This tool provides unique ways of stretching those tight hamstrings, hip flexors, and IT bands 
  • REHAB & PHYSICAL THERAPY – A perfect compliment to any sort of orthopedic surgery or injury.
  • YOGA & PILATES – Helps you gain flexibility and assists you with difficult poses
  • UNLOCK STRENGTH – Challenge yourself to do flexibility exercises every day. Unlock your true potential through flexibility.

I was lost in a sea of Stretch Straps on Amazon but I’m happy to say, I chose wisely. I needed a strap to replace my “too wide” yoga strap that was hurting my hands before I could get a good stretch. I saw some looped straps that looked really short and others that had very few loops. Skipping over those, I was intrigued to see the FlexFixx strap had a stretchy side and a taut side. I knew I wanted a strap that was no wider than 1″ but the added bonus is the stretchy side. It is so soft on my hands that they don’t fatigue at all. The padded center, carrying bag and User’s Guide are icing on the cake. This product is so well made that I’m glad I spent the extra dollar or two for the FlexFixx.

Happy Customer

So what’s stopping you?

A healthier you starts now…feel better, live better

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What People Are Saying

“I enjoy doing yoga at home, but have always had tight hamstrings; I found this strap to be super useful to help deepen stretches and get better at yoga poses. I loved that it included a short instructional booklet with beginner to advanced stretches. Also, the little drawstring bag that it comes in helps it store easily!”

“Works great and really helps my stretching and rehabbing my knee. It is especially helpful for quad stretches. I also use it for shoulders. I wish I had found this earlier.”

“I loved this product when I was first home from hospital stay. I wanted to do more than I could physically. I still love it today! My physical therapist assisted in checking to be sure I was using properly, so I wouldn’t reinjure.
Packaged nicely in mesh bag to store easily. Winds up and stays that way after stretching. Very sleek…”


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