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The FootFixx Massage Ball Set is the perfect tool for a total body massage system.

  • Improve circulation and recover faster
  • Soothe sore muscles so you can get back to your active lifestyle
  • Massage those knots and tight spots
  • Great for any number of foot problems including Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs
  • Ideal for weight lifters for post-workout muscle recovery

FootFixx can be taken anywhere and is great for the gym, office, and travel

What’s included?

  • You get 3 different sized and textured massage balls
  • The red ball is the largest at about 3.5 inches and has firm spikes
  • The gray ball is just under 2 inches and has slightly duller and softer spikes
  • The black Lacrosse ball is smooth yet firm for targeted deep tissue and trigger point massage
  • In addition, you get a breathable mesh bag and user guide highlighting all the great ways you can improve your health

Who is this good for?

  • I honestly can’t think of anyone this wouldn’t be good for
  • Great for mom, dad, and grandparent
  • Great for any active fitness-oriented person
  • Also great for sedentary people because rolling those feet while lounging on the couch feels amazing
  • Makes a great gift!

Designed to last a lifetime

  • These massage balls are tough
  • Designed to be firm and hold shape even under body weight
  • These won’t squish to nothing like some of our competitors

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