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We are proud to say our Stretching Straps are the best out there

With 12 loops and 8 feet in length, there are infinite stretching options

  • We use a softer material that won’t bind or pinch bare skin like some of our competitor’s versions
  • The strap was designed with just a touch of elasticity making it great for contract-and-relax stretching
  • Numbered loops so you can monitor your progress

Who’s the FlexFixx good for?

  • For Yoga our strap combines the benefits of a traditional yoga strap with a stretching strap
  • Great for post-surgery rehabilitation – Shoulders, arms, and hips.
  • Dancers and gymnasts will love this stretching strap
  • CrossFit, weight-lifting, or any fitness buff
  • And honestly who couldn’t use a bit more flexibiltiy

Just like all of our products, a breathable mesh back and user guide are included to get you moving in the right direction

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