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When it comes to deep tissue massage and trigger point release we wanted something a bit better than your typical Lacrosse ball

BackFixx utilizes a single ball as well as the dual peanut-ball shaped massager.  One of the common complaints with Lacrosse balls is how dirty they get.  They are for whatever reason a dirt magnet!

We designed ours with a rubberized texture that resists dirt and provides for exceptional grip

Make no mistake, these 2 inch massage balls are firm.  In fact, we designed them to be just a touch firmer than a Lacrosse ball.  We wanted a massage ball that could reach those difficult to hit trigger points and are especially useful for very muscular individuals.  These aint no tennis balls!

Who are these good for?

  • Anyone looking for trigger point, deep tissue, or myofascial release
  • If you’ve tried softer balls that just don’t quite do the trick
  • If you’re a fan of “it hurts so good” these are for you

Includes a handy mesh bag and our user guide

Also available on Amazon!

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