A unique blend of balance and strength training that will skyrocket your fitness


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Combining the fun of a Balance Board with the Strength Training of resistance bands

Proudly Made In The USA

resistance band workout
home workout

Get an awesome workout anywhere

Portable & Compact

Stores easily under the bed or just about anywhere at the home or office. Road Trip or Vacation? No problem, take it with you and stay in tip-top shape


Ditch The Gym Save Money

Skip the crowds at the gym and take your FlexFixx to your favorite park where you can crank out a full-body workout and enjoy some fresh air

Crowded gyms just made me anxious. This kit lets me work out when and where I want without sacrificing the burn”

Portable Gym

The Most Versatile Portable Home Gym

Supercharge Your Workouts

Choose between the Cork Roller or Air Stability Disc and add a little spice to your normal body weight workouts. When you’re finished don’t forget to roll those muscles out with dual purpose cork roller


No Muscle Left Behind

Full-body workouts are easy with the included accessories. Throw in the Door Anchor and get ready for some epic chest and back workouts. Don’t forget the wrist & ankle straps for even more fat burning fun

portable home gym

“By integrating a balance board with the strength training you’ve created endless exercise opportunities

Burn Calories & Build Muscle Faster

Get Faster Results

By incorporating core into every exercise you can achieve amazing results and challenge muscles you didn’t know you had. Building strength through balance is an effective and fast way to a toned body


STOP Boring Workouts

By keeping workouts fun & dynamic we promise you won’t get bored. A fun workout means you’ll work out more consistently and finally get the results you’ve been looking for

“Take your fitness to the next level all while having fun

balance board workout

An Amazing Value

What’s Included

  • Balance board workout platform
  • 10lb and 20lb fabric encased resistance bands.  2  lengths of each for a total of 8 bands.
  • Collapsable workout bar
  • Cork roller and inflatable balance disc
  • 2 Hand grips for barbel workouts
  • 2 wrist/ankle straps & door anchor
  • Spiral-bound Exercise guide
  • Carrying bag


made in usa fitness

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