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Deep Tissue Self Massage - Double Lacrosse Ball - Trigger Point Massage

  • WHY OUR DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE BALL SET IS UNIQUE - We built our Lacrosse ball massager with a unique rubberized texture that makes it extremely grippy but doesn't pinch or bind skin and clothing like a traditional lacrosse ball. The high-density trigger point massage balls have a firmness that allows for optimum trigger point release while retaining their shape without any splitting or cracking.
  • WHY A PEANUT MASSAGE BALL IS THE PERFECT SHAPE - The double lacrosse ball shape is perfect for those tough to reach muscles along your spine and vertebrae without applying pressure to the spine itself. The shape also makes a great forearm and leg massage roller since it stays put better than a single lacrosse ball. These are a favorite Yoga massage ball because they can be used on any muscle group.
  • ENJOY IMMEDIATE RELIEF - Our self massage ball set for deep tissue release eliminates tough to reach muscle knots and tension. The trigger point ball relieves sore and tight muscles, improves circulation, and decreases recovery time while making you feel great. These are the best massage balls for back and shoulder tension as well as overall body soreness.
  • DON'T SETTLE FOR JUST ONE MASSAGE BALL! - Our massage therapy ball kit includes a double lacrosse massage ball AND a single massage ball. While the peanut-shaped double massager makes an ideal back massage ball there are still times that a single muscle roller is needed for precise trigger point release for those stubborn back muscle knots. You'll also receive a breathable mesh bag and user guide making it easy to take with you to the gym, office or use at home.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We stand by all of our FlexFixx products. Trusted by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and yoga professionals we build our products with quality materials to last a lifetime. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied we have a no-hassle return policy.

When it comes to deep tissue massage and trigger point release we wanted something a bit better than your typical Lacrosse ball

BackFixx utilizes a single ball as well as the dual peanut-ball shaped massager.  One of the common complaints with Lacrosse balls is how dirty they get.  They are for whatever reason a dirt magnet!

We designed ours with a rubberized texture that resists dirt and provides for exceptional grip

Make no mistake, these 2 inch massage balls are firm.  In fact, we designed them to be just a touch firmer than a Lacrosse ball.  We wanted a massage ball that could reach those difficult to hit trigger points and are especially useful for very muscular individuals.  These aint no tennis balls!

Who are these good for?

  • Anyone looking for trigger point, deep tissue, or myofascial release
  • If you’ve tried softer balls that just don’t quite do the trick
  • If you’re a fan of “it hurts so good” these are for you

Includes a handy mesh bag and our user guide

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