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How To Start Working Out When You're A Complete Beginner

How To Start Working Out When You're A Complete Beginner

Have you taken an interest in working out? If the answer is yes, then I have some helpful information for you. There are many ways you can create and begin on the journey to becoming a better version of yourself! You are already outstanding, but taking this step will show you potential you did not know you had. It will not be an easy start, but it will make everything more manageable once you get going.

Welcome to your easy start guide on how to get on the track to working out! We will discuss several ways to begin and stay on track to continue your exercise journey.


When people first think about working out, some may be hesitant because they believe the gym is the only way to get started. But that is not true; there are many ways you can work out without going to the gym. The first thing you need to decide is what is your workout goal. It can be as simple as going on a walk around the block or even lifting small weights. Anything that gets you moving. The essential part of starting to work out is to get just get started.


Before starting to work out, there can be a mental block that is holding you back. When the mental block comes up, you just have to stay motivated and push through. There are multiple ways to get motivated and past that mental block. You can make a jamming playlist, have people work out with you, or go to your favorite place as a goal.

For example, if you love Starbucks, you could walk there and get yourself the drink you love. Not only are you getting a little treat, but you are also burning calories and are moving. That is the most important, to begin moving!


Now that you have begun the movement part, it is time to figure out what workout will work for you. You will not want to start with demanding training if you are just beginning. You can eventually get into high-energy exercises but not too fast.

Once you have been working out and comfortable with the current pass, it’s time to take it up a notch. Not a big jump, but perhaps if you are going for a half-mile walk or run, you increase the length to a mile. You will be increasing the movement just a little bit. You never want to go too fast into working out.

Taking it slow is going to be the best practice for anyone starting. If you find out that the workout increase is too much, then bring it back down to where you were and wait a few more days. There is no shame in that. The fact that you tried shows that you are on the right path. You just have to find the perfect time and pace for yourself to make that increase.


Now that you have an idea of an increase, it's time to keep going on this new exercise journey. It's time to start setting up a workout plan for yourself. A workout plan can consist of one or many goals.

Your goals might be to lose weight, gain muscle, get toned, or prepare for an event or competition. Once you have the purpose and goals defined, you will then want to fill out the details of the workout. This is when you list out the duration of the plan and include the exercises and supporting information for each movement.

For some people, the duration could be weeks or months long. It matters what feels most comfortable for you. You got this!


During this planning, you should try to incorporate some new things to see what you like and feel most comfortable with. You can try new home equipment, different kinds of exercises or even working out with new music or with a friend! Anything to keep your workouts moving forward and exciting.

Basically, you want to mix it up a little bit. You mustn't do this until you feel that you can handle the changes and not become too stressed. Now you are rocking it and are onto the next step. When you have come to this point in your workouts, where you are increasing the intensity and adding different exercises to it, you will see your body start to change.


You might see more muscle, lose a little weight, but you get a little sore. It is essential to add a warm-up to your workouts. Warming up is going to be needed before your training. You need to stretch and get moving slightly, so you do not hurt or pull any muscles. Warming up will also kick start your mind and body to know that it is time to start working out. You must take your time warming up!


Now that you have warmed up and have a workout plan set up, it's time to continue. At this point, you may have moved on to a gym or a home workout class, but if you have not, this might be the time to look into it a little more. Youtube can be a great place to check out different routines, they have fitness videos for every kind of fitness level you could think of.

Also, there are certain products you can use to level up your workout. One of those tools could be our FlexFixx Home Gym. We take pride in our tool and strive to help make your workout journey easier and more fun. Whatever you use, it will help you take your working out to the next level.

Make Exercise Your New Routine

Working out is a huge life-changing decision! The fact you want to start for the first time or again after a long time of not exercising is terrific! You are going to do great. Remember to take it slow and make it most comfortable for you. There is no race, so no need to go fast. Stay at your pace, and you will be at a complex workout level soon enough. Rock on in your working out journey! Remember to enjoy every minute of it.

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