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How Physical Exercise Helps With Mental Health

How Physical Exercise Helps With Mental Health

When the pandemic started, many people had their lives changed overnight. From isolation to lack of human interaction, there was an impact on people’s mental health. People felt alone, bored, and needed to find something to change their state of mind. People chose cooking, a new hobby, and or adopted a pet.

Many people even started working out for the first time in their lives. Some people did not know that working out can help with mental health by keeping you active and healthy. In this article, I will be going through different reasons and benefits of working out and how it will help your mental health. 


When people go to work out, they can experience a mood change which can happen during or at the end of the workout. The mood change is a result of the body moving, which can reduce stress and negative thoughts. This is a huge benefit for mental health; not only does it change your mood, but it keeps people going through hard times.

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By reducing stress in your life through working out, your heart rate will increase, and your brain will produce endorphins which is your body’s feel-good chemical. Not only are you putting your mind and body into a different space and lessening the stress, but you are also giving your soul the feeling of hope. Having a sense of hope when you are dealing with mental health is a huge factor. Working out is a crucial ingredient to keeping your mental well-being at a healthy level. 


Working out is good for the body and mind, but it can also help you get a decent night’s sleep. Sleep is a crucial factor when it comes to mental health. People cannot function without getting good sleep. Moderate to vigorous exercise can improve sleep quality by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. This means you won’t be lying in bed waiting to fall asleep.

Working out also helps improve sleep by helping your brain wind down before going to sleep. Exercise tires out your body and mind while preparing for a better night’s sleep. Working out also helps people settle into a deep sleep. When you go into a deep sleep, your mood can stabilize, and your mind can decompress. This all results in better mental health. 


Working out can increase your energy and stamina. When someone is struggling with mental health, they can often feel drained. There can be times when a person doesn’t get out of bed due to the lack of energy when feeling stressed or anxious. A quick workout can quickly really pull someone out of feeling lethargic resulting in better mental clarity.

Having the energy to complete daily tasks when dealing with a bad mental health day is hard for some people. When people get their body and brain moving through working out, they get that burst of energy they need to get through the day. Exercising will help you have the stamina to stay proactive during the day. Being proactive when dealing with mental health is key to keeping people grounded and aware. Knowing how you are feeling is vital to your overall mental health.


Another positive benefit of working out is being able to connect with people. Interacting with people and building a community can play an essential role in your mental well-being. When exercising, you can meet all kinds of people and create a sense of belonging, which improves your overall mood.


The pandemic has made it hard to socialize at the gym or in person, but not impossible. There are Facebook groups and different social media groups that offer workout and exercising support. This helps people feel connected. It is not the same as meeting in person, but you are still communicating and interacting with people. Any feeling of being connected to people will vastly help your mental health. There is no better way to say it, but working out can and will change your mental health for the best. 


Overall, exercise and working out can improve mental health. Exercise reduces depression, anxiety, and negative moods by enhancing self-esteem and a person’s overall mood. The fact is that mental health can take a toll on people if they do not figure out how to release the stress and pressure of life.

By understanding the benefits of working out, you can start building a healthy state of mind. Remember, it all begins with just moving. If you're looking for a workout solution that can go with you anywhere I recommend taking a look at the FlexFixx Portable gym.  The Flexfixx workout system may be exactly what you need to increase your activity therefore helping to improve your mental health. The pandemic has taken a significant toll on some people’s mental health, but the impact can be reduced by working out. Remember, it all starts with simply moving.

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