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How Exercise Affects Sleep

How Exercise Affects Sleep

Many people nowadays are not getting as much sleep as they need to be. It can stem from many issues that people are facing, but there is a way to solve that, and that is to work out.


It's essential to make sure you are getting out and being active so when you come home ready for bed, you will be tired, making falling asleep easier. There are many benefits to working out. I'll be highlighting how exercise helps with your sleep routine, how no sleep can impact your day, and so much more. By the end, you will see how sleeping and working out go hand in hand. 

Workout out


When a person starts working out, there are many benefits that they'll start seeing. For instance, working out often results in a decrease of lying in bed and being unable to fall asleep right away. This benefit can depend on how complex the workout is when it comes to affecting your sleep. If you are going to have a light workout, you will not have the same results as if you did a more moderate or higher level workout.

A moderate workout will make your body and brain more tired, making it easier to fall asleep. If you do a very high level of working out, you will have a much better night's sleep than a light-level workout. Regardless of your workout level, you will see positive results when it comes to your sleep patterns. 


Many people deal with insomnia or sleep apnea during the night. Most people take medicine to help with these issues, but that is not a guaranteed result for everyone. So it's always good to explore other outlets when getting into a sleep routine.

One of those outlets for people could be working out. Many people may not realize that working out can help those unresolved medical issues more than medicine can. When people workout, certain chemicals in their brains get released into their bodies that weren't there before.

Having a surge of chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin released into your body have a positive affect of your well being. Both dopamine and serotonin are involved in your sleep-wake cycle. The lack of these chemicals can contribute to health issues such as insomnia and sleep apnea.

The good news is working out could be the problem solver to those issues you or someone in your family face. It is imperative to try to get out and get some level of workout in. It could be as simple as a short walk, going to the gym, or even doing a big circuit workout! Any level of workout can bring positive results to people.


Now we know that working out helps with sleep, you may be wondering when is the best time to workout? Everyone's schedules and preferences are different. You may prefer working out in the early morning, or maybe afternoon, or even in the evening after work. It is crucial to figure out which one will be the best for you and give the most favorable results to your sleeping habits.

People who work out in the morning tend to have plenty of energy and focus throughout their day. This allows them to go to bed early and get a full night's sleep so they can wake up refreshed and ready for the next day. People love to do this because they get a good night of sleep and don't feel sleepy for whatever the next day brings. 

Now for people who go in the afternoon, this can be the perfect middle ground for those who may not have time in the morning or night. Afternoons work well because if you have a crazy day, you can take a break and work out.  An afternoon workout gives you the extra energy to get through the rest of your day. It also helps to expend energy making you sleepier when your head hits the pillow.

An evening workout routine may give you the best results if you have difficulty falling asleep. After a good workout at night, you've exhausted your last bit of energy and are ready to fall asleep much quicker when you come home.

No matter when you work out, your sleep habits will begin to change your life positively. It may be hard to figure out which time works for you. My advice would be to try them all out for a couple of days and see which one fits your life the best.  


Working out does help you sleep better, but you may not see instant changes in your habits. If you are not getting enough sleep, then working out will be harder to achieve because you may not have the energy to do so. This is why you may find it harder to keep up a workout routine if you aren't getting enough sleep to do so.

If you persevere and keep up with your workout, your sleep patterns will change and you'll see those positive results. Don't ever give up on exercise because working out really will help with your sleep.

When you can get that sleep you need, your whole outlook on life will change. You'll be able to do much more in the day than you ever thought before, it'll provide you with some sense of hope for your future days!


Now that you know sleeping and working out benefit each other and your health, it's time to go out there and make that change. You don't have to rush into a hard workout, you can start easy and make it more challenging as time goes by. Just by being more active it'll make your sleeping so much better than it is now. So go out there and make that change and enjoy your peaceful night's sleep. 

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