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Best Overall Exercise Equipment For Home

Best Overall Exercise Equipment For Home

Exercise is a daily necessity. And if you're looking to get into the best shape of your life, then going for a run or hitting up the gym isn't enough. You need more than just cardio and weights to really make an impact on your body. But what equipment should you invest in?

The right piece of home exercise equipment could be just what you need to reach your goals faster! 

The article will explore some key considerations when deciding what types of exercise equipment you need in order to create an effective and personalized fitness routine.

Best Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners

Fitness equipment is always trending. There are many different types of fitness equipment that people consider when building their home gyms, but this article will explore five unique pieces: treadmill, dumbbells, resistance bands, balance boards, and stability discs for functional workouts.

1. A Treadmill For Home Gym 

When it comes to exercise equipment for home use, treadmills are a popular choice. When exercising at home it is important to have exercise equipment that is easy to use and performs all of the primary functions you need it to do.

Treadmills provide a great workout that will burn calories and help with weight loss.  They also help to build muscle mass and can improve overall cardiovascular health

Treadmill exercise is good for any level of fitness. You can exercise at a slow speed or you can exercise at a fast speed, depending on your specific fitness goal. Treadmills are convenient because they do not require a lot of space unlike other exercise equipment that may take up an entire room in the home.

They are easy to operate and quiet so you can listen to music while exercising. Also, the average treadmill exercise session is about 30 minutes long which makes it easy to schedule exercise into your busy day without making more time than necessary for exercise.

2. Dumbbell Exercises At Home

It's hard to find a fitness enthusiast that doesn't have at least one set of dumbbells in their home. Dumbbells are integral for total body strength and muscle building because they can be used as an exercise tool from head-to-toe!

When you use the right kind of weights, you'll notice gains all over your frame: arms, chest, back muscles, legs... everything will get stronger. The only limit is what you're willing to try with those two metal handles on either side!

There is nothing you can do with dumbbells that you cannot also achieve with free weights and exercise machines but exercise machines are more expensive in terms of initial investment, maintenance, and an exercise machine won't keep you motivated nearly as much as a basic pair of bell's.

Dumbbells come in many different sizes for all levels of lifting possibilities. 

3. Resistance Bands Home Gym

Resistance bands are a cheap and easy way to get in shape. They can be used at home, or on the go- whether you're traveling for work or vacationing with friends!

Resistance bands have a large amount of benefits for your home workout routine, especially if you're just starting out with at home exercises.

Resistance bands provide an excellent workout that can be done at home, and they are the perfect option for those of us who live in small spaces with no room for a full set up. Whether you want to focus on just arms or abs, resistance bands come with many different levels so it's easy to start out light and gradually work your way up as strength increases!

4. Stability Disc Exercises

A Stability disc is a perfect addition to home workout equipment in your home gym. The stability disc is versatile for many body-weight exercises which strengthens muscles for endurance or strength training.

For home workouts, use the stability disc to get toned abs and stronger muscles. Also, with some creativity and imagination, there are many more exercises that can be done on this home workout equipment besides just core strengthening and abdominal exercises. Some of these include squats, lunges, leg raises and chest press exercises as well as stretches. 

5. Balance Board

The balance board is a great way to keep fit and get into shape without the need for fancy gym equipment or a large budget!

By incorporating a balance board into your home workouts, you'll exercise your core muscles which includes your abs, hips, and back muscles. Not only that, you can also perform various exercises with it such as squats, lunges, overhead press to exercise your whole body.

Kids love using balance boards because they can play with it and improve their balance. It also helps them to become better  at different sports such as surfing and skateboarding.

Adding a balance board to your workouts can have numerous benefits such as: increasing fitness levels through the development and improvements in core strength, balance, stability and coordination. Balance boards improve your balance by correcting any weaknesses you may have when it comes to stabilizing yourself on one leg.

6. FlexFixx Home Gym System -Incorporates it All!

When it comes to fitness, we want convenience above all else. But that doesn't mean you need a bulky kit of weights and dumbbells anymore! The Flexfixx portable gym has everything in one compact package so you can enjoy your workout wherever you are without excess baggage or having to break the bank on expensive equipment like many gyms do.

As mentioned above balance boards are a great way to develop your core muscles and increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. By adding resistance bands, it makes reaching fitness goals easier than ever before!  

With the new invention from Flexfixx called "portable" gym everyone can feel confident they're getting just as much (if not more) exercise with some help along their journey from our Youtube Channel complete with follow along exercises.

The great thing about this system is it's fun for the entire family. This exercise equipment is perfect for families with toddlers, children and parents of all ages.

Portable Home Gym Is Where It's At!

We’ve heard time and again that the best exercise equipment is what you have in your home. What about adding balance to your workouts?

Balance exercises are a great way to help improve coordination, stability, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and core muscle development – all without breaking the bank on expensive gym memberships or pricey fitness classes!

Have you tried adding balance training into your routines? Let us know how it goes!



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