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9 Strengthening Exercises For Runners And How You Can Become Stronger

9 Strengthening Exercises For Runners And How You Can Become Stronger

Have you heard the buzz around Strength Training For Runners in your running circles?

Running is a hard sport and runners are always looking for ways to stay injury-free. If you're one of the many who want that competitive edge, then this article will interest you. 

What Kind Of Strength Training Should Runners Do?

As someone with a background in strength training I'm going to tell you what works best when it comes to exercises for runners! Let's start by addressing off-road workouts; which not only increase total body strength but can also help prevent injuries on the road since they target different muscles than running does alone! 

How Runners Strength Train

Some runners may not enjoy or care for strength training, but remember it’s an integral part  to any successful runner’s routine. Strength training and running go hand-in-hand. The stronger you are, the faster you'll be able to run!

Exercise is important for anyone looking to improve their health; but if your goal is speed or endurance then it's especially crucial. That's why strength training can make all the difference in how quickly—or far—you go.

There are always ways to make your running better, no matter what level of runner you think you may be. Whether it's improving form or increasing stamina, there is a way for everyone to improve their performance and get the most out of every run.

9 Strength Exercises Runners Can Do At Home Without A Lot Of Equipment

1. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Lunges (Forward)

Strength exercises are an essential part of any runner's training regimen, and the forward lunge is among the best. Lunges not only focus on your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps—all key running muscles---but also improve balance and coordination while increasing range of motion. No wonder runners love these!

How To Perform Forward Lunge Exercise:

Begin by standing feet shoulder-width apart while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Next, step forward with your chosen foot and shift the weight to that heel.

Step far enough forward so both of your knees are bent at about 90 degree angle; make sure you remain as stable as possible throughout this movement.

Lower yourself until the front knee is positioned over the ankle and back kneecap just barely grazes ground - keep spine neutral during the entire exercise for best results! Return to starting position by taking a step back into neutral position (front foot meeting your back foot) before repeating on opposite side.

2. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Twisting Lunge

The Twisting Lunge is a great core exercise that also increases lower body strength, coordination, and balance. Not only does the twisting motion force the glutes to contract more fully while it engages your core but because you are on one leg it makes balancing much harder which will make for an excellent challenge!

How To Perform Lunge With A Twist Exercise:

​​Assume an athletic position with elbows bent at approximately 90-degree angle. Step forward to lunge your right leg then twist your upper body to the left, keeping a straight knee and engaged rear leg.

Slowly press back in starting position but continue twisting up from ground until you're fully upright again before stepping down on the floor once more into another lunge stance this time using your left foot!

3. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Pushups

Other exercises might work your arms or legs, but push-ups work your whole body. Pushups not only build upper-body strength and core endurance but also strengthen your shoulders, triceps, chest muscles as well as those in your back.

And for runners - who often do a lot of running with their arms swinging loosely by their sides or even held up at an awkward angle to keep balance – push ups are an essential part of training because they help develop power through both pushing and pulling motions which will make you stronger on all fronts!

So don't think just because you're a runner doesn't mean upper-body strength isn't important too!

How To Perform Push Up Exercise:

Proper form is key for push-ups. Assume a plank position with your hands shoulder width apart, back flat, and feet slightly apart.

Next lower yourself to the ground by bending your elbows until you hover just above it while keeping them relatively close to your torso in order not put too much pressure on one side of the body; this makes sure that both sides are being worked evenly when performing exercises like push ups or dips.

Keep those glutes tight and your posture good, if you do not engage these muscles during push ups then you could injure your spine due to not doing their job to support the spine which could lead to injury.

 4. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Plank

I love planks for so many reasons! They are the ultimate core exercise with added benefits of improving strength, balance and stability. Plus you can do them any time or anywhere!

Planks work all those muscles that runners need: abs, back & butt just to name three. Planks will make any runner more efficient by reducing energy waste with proper posture which reduces a litany of injuries commonly associated with running like sore hips or back pain. 

How To Perform Plank Exercise:

Beginning with propping yourself on your elbows, keep the abdominals engaged throughout. The back should be straight while shoulders should stay directly over the elbows down to maintain a good form. Hold this position for one full minute to complete one set; gradually add time or weights as you get stronger!

 5. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Squats

While running, the legs are constantly working. It's important to keep them strong and flexible in order to prevent injuries that could sideline a runner for weeks or even months!

One great way of doing this is with squats – they increase strength in your leg muscles which can help support runners when their stamina starts slowing down; it also improves stability within the core as well as range of motion—all three things essential if you're looking not only to run further but faster too.

How To Perform Squat Exercises:

You can perform squats, one of the best muscle builders out there. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointing ahead while holding dumbbells at shoulder height or extend arms in front or overhead to do it without weights.

Now lower by sitting back as if you're on a chair behind you--do not let your knees go past your toes! Finally push yourself up from starting position until standing straight again for safety reasons.

6. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Wall sits 

Wall Sits are a favored isometric exercise of mine! It's easy on the knees, and will build strength in your calves, glutes, quads (and more!). Wall sits can be performed by almost anyone.

How To Perform Wall Sits Exercises

Begin by standing about two feet away from the wall. Next, press your back against the wall and slide down until you are in a sitting position with your legs outstretched to form an inverted V shape.

Imagine there is a chair under you as well (you should be roughly parallel to the floor) Keep both of your thighs at ground level for maximal stability during this exercise!

7. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Bridges 

It is no surprise that the bridge has become one of the most popular exercises for all types of core training. The exercise not only helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles, but also prevents lower back pain and tones those hard-to-reach butt muscles!

How To Perform Bridge Exercises

Bridge is a great way to build strength and balance in your back, glutes, thighs and abs. To execute the bridge make sure you lie down on your back with arms outstretched by side palms facing up while knees are bent pointing at the ceiling.

From there raise hips until they reach shoulder height squeezing as you go through this motion do not overextend or arch yourself during exercise always maintain a straight line from head to heels like an arrow when reaching max position hold for one second before easing slowly lowering hips so that buttocks briefly touch floor again then continue reps.

8. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Russian Twists

There are a ton of exercises out there for targeting your obliques. One of the best is called Russian twists, which can help work on all sorts of different parts in addition to just those targeted muscles!

How To Perform Russian Twists Exercises:

Begin by sitting down on the floor while keeping your back at a 45-degree angle, both feet either flat on the floor (easy) or in the air (more advanced). The body should be forming a V shape.

Make sure to keep your back flat and not hunched forward throughout this movement. Do one twist of the upper torso to the right side with an arm raised up high before returning to starting position then repeat the other way around twisting toward the left side but lifting opposite hand overhead as you rotate until reaching the original place again.

9. Strength Training Exercises For Runners: Superman

The superman exercise is an excellent way to strengthen your entire core (abdominals, obliques, lower back) by isolating them as you lift your shoulders and legs off the floor. It’s really a full body workout because it will use all of the muscles in your body for stabilization purposes making it great for runners.

How To Perform Superman Exercises

The Superman is a great exercise for your lower back and hamstrings. To perform the move, lie face down on mat with your legs straight and arms outstretched in front of you.

Raise both arms and legs at same time forming bowl shape body then hold the position a few seconds before returning to starting point again. Your head should remain neutral throughout the whole! 

 Ready Set Go! Time For Your New Strength Training Program

As many runners know, it’s important to have the right weight-lifting routine. But not all of us are experts at these routines! If you don't want your running career or fitness goals to be cut short by an injury, then make sure you're getting a good workout with weights and stay safe from injuries while doing so.

A lack in muscle strength can lead people into dangerous situations when they go for jog every day including slipping on ice, hitting potholes with their feet or falling down because of accidents that were caused due to slight imbalance in body's center of gravity such as tripping over stair cases or curbs etc., which could cause serious damage if one is unable get up immediately without help after falling down onto. 


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