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7 Steps For Working Out Without A Gym Membership 

7 Steps For Working Out Without A Gym Membership 

Working out is a major part of many people's lives. Some are lucky enough to have the time and resources for both gym workouts as well as home workout routines, but others may find that gyms are too expensive or inconveniently located. 

Working out in the comfort of your own space has its advantages: you're less likely to skip workouts since it takes no extra effort than putting on some clothes and going downstairs; plus there’s nothing stopping you from doing whatever kind of exercise routine that works best for YOU!


1. YouTube Is A Great Place to Get Workout Inspiration


youtube workout

Working out at home used to be reserved for people who couldn't afford a gym membership or didn't have time to get there. YouTube videos are an excellent and free way of getting in shape!

There's something for everyone: dance workouts, yoga, weight lifting; the possibilities really are endless. The key is finding one you like and can enjoy doing on your own schedule - whether it's before work, after others go to bed, or just whenever works best with your day-to-day activities. 

YouTube is not the only way you can find a workout; there are many that come from Nike and other companies. Most of these are free to you and they have a bunch of workout videos with professional teachers leading the class.

With people like yourself starting to get into at-home workouts, there are many benefits that come with it. One of the best is always knowing what kind of workout routine you're following in order to stay on track and getting fit as quickly as possible!

You can follow along to any YouTube workout and do it anywhere with the Flexfixx portable gym.

2. Find a Workout Buddy

The next step would be finding a workout buddy to keep you motivated. Most people love working out with someone else because it helps them if they are having a tough time or need some encouragement. You can do programs together which will make your workouts more fun, and even go for walks!

Walking is healthy and great, but sometimes it's nice to do it with a friend. You not only get the enjoyment of walking outside in fresh air, you also have someone to chat with about your day while working out!

Having friends who are into fitness can be even better because they could teach you how to exercise properly for what suits your needs best. So if this sounds like something that would help motivate you more often then having an active buddy might just work for ya!

3. Home Weight Systems

After that step, the next one would be going to buy weights. Weights can do so much for you! They provide a challenging workout and they come in all shapes and sizes. You need to figure out which type will best suit your needs: Do you want something light enough for you to lift on your own or are you looking for an entire gym? There are many options available with varying prices depending on what types of exercises you're trying to do.  

For those who live in small spaces, it can be hard to find the space for a big home gym.

That's why FlexFixx sees itself as being that solution for all of your needs. With this fully-portable system, you can easily slide it under a bed or tuck it into a closet when it's not in use


4. Finding Other Home Solutions For Working Out

Taking care of your body is a highly personal thing, and that's why it can be difficult to find motivation when you're working out at home. Though there are plenty of exercises on YouTube for quick workouts-most people would rather go somewhere with more equipment where they know what they're doing. 

One way this problem could be solved? Getting yourself the right gear! For example: get a yoga mat so your workout routine feels like even less work than usual.

Now some people may not be able to purchase equipment, but if you can't there are many other items you can use at home. You might have a blanket or towel that will do the job as well as your carpet in place of a yoga mat replacement and while it's time for us to move on - don't forget about these substitutes!

5. Find An Event Or Race To Participate In

A great way to get off the couch and into shape is by joining a race or event. You'll have something exciting to look forward to, plus it's cheaper than going out every weekend with friends.

There are races of all sorts available for not much money or even free! When the weather is nice, people will often go for a run or bike ride to stay in shape. Sometimes they even get creative and swim outside! There are different types of events you can do no matter what season it is; indoor winter races might be fun too. No matter when you want to some exercise there'll always be something available nearby

6. Dial in Your Workout Space

The next step is to find a way for you to workout. If your house or apartment are too full, go outside and use the space that's available! Plenty of room out there means plenty of options for workouts. You just have get over any fears/insecurities about being seen doing it in public.

FlexFixx is the one-of-a-kind portable gym that goes where you go, including outside. It's perfect for those who love outdoor fitness but are limited on space or overwhelmed with bulky items in their living room.

7. Get Comfortable With Your New Workout Routine

The last step to getting in shape is making sure you are comfortable with exercising outside of the gym. Many people have been going to gyms for years, and switching can be difficult at first; however it's also very rewarding because once you're home all that will matter is you and the workout tools of your choice.

These days, working out from home or outside is the best way to keep up your fitness routine.

Remember this....You don't have to share equipment if you have a Flexfixx portable gym you can take with you anywhere! Anytime Anywhere. The choice is yours!!

The New You And Working Out At Home

Working out at the gym is nice and all. But working out at home can benefit you so much more than you know. There is so much more to do, inside or outside. So many places you can go and visit.

But the most significant advantage is you will never have to wait in line at the gym again! You can work out anytime you want, and your family might even join. Home workouts are a great way to spend time with each other while getting fit. Plus- there is no membership fee or expensive monthly payments required for equipment rental like most gyms offer

The whole idea behind Flexfixx is less is more. People shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars in gym equipment or have unnecessary weight benches, and ellipticals cluttering their homes or collecting dust.

You should be able to simplify your workout routine, and pare down to just a few items that allow you to feel and look your best. That’s why the founders of Flexfixx created a portable home gym.

Flexfixx portable gym can easily replace everything you have in your home gym!


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