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FlexFixx is looking for a team of individuals to represent our company culture and mission, as well as the cross-section of our client demographics.


We are looking for people who love to use our products to help improve their sport, activity or recovery and ultimately increase their overall health and wellness.


We will send you a set of all of our products, including future ones so you are able to try, test and incorporate them into your routine.


To become a FlexFixx Brand Ambassador we would need a photo of you with a short bio – to be written by FlexFixx – edited and approved by the Brand Ambassador.

In addition, we would love for you to share your FLexFixx story on your favorite social media channel


We use Brand Ambassadors as product testers for new products and prototypes and look for feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve.

If you are interested in becoming a FlexFixx Brand Ambassador then please send us an email to discuss further!