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Flexibility At Its Core

The Most Versatile Stretching Strap

At the core of every motion, weight you lift, or step you take is one’s flexibility.  Like it or not, flexibility is one of the most important components to a healthy and strong body.  Without flexibility, our muscles can’t do their job.

Say goodbye to pain

Whether you’re battling Plantar Fasciitis or sore muscles.  Our total body massage kit will loosen those stubborn knots, aches, and sore muscles for a faster recovery.

Targeted Deep Tissue Massage

If you’re looking for the ultimate in deep tissue massage look no further.  This Lacrosse style ball and peanut-shaped ball are extremely firm providing maximum deep trigger point massage.

Here's to healthy hands

Is it a stress ball or therapy ball?  Well it’s whatever you want it to be.  These squishy balls have many uses.  Two different shapes as well as 4 different resistance ratings.  Great for wrist health while behind the computer or rehab from an injury or stroke.


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